"QUITTERS CAN BE WINNERS" is a report on how I finally broke an almost thirty year cigarette smoking addiction, beat lung cancer and added, so far, 31 years to my life.

      It is told in a true, honest and open fashion.  Without any frills or cover ups, I tell how the addiction gradually took over my very being.  How cigarette smoking became an addiction that dictated my daily actions, caused many bouts with various illnesses, and almost took my life.

     "QUITTERS CAN BE WINNERS", very much like this web site, does not have a lot of bells and whistles.  It tells it like it really happened and the author shares his "secrets" on beating the addiction.

     This report will give you some great tips on how to end your own smoking addiction.  It may enable you to take back the authority that you have given to that little cylinder of tobacco and improve your life and very existence.

     All the statistics about how harmful cigarette smoking is means nothing to you when you want a cigarette.  I know. I have been there.  However, I fought the battle and won!  But, at the time that I was smoking, I didn't want to hear about it either.  After many years of letting the truth fall on deaf ears the message finally sunk in.  That message you and I have heard many, many times really is true, "Cigarette smoking IS harmful to your health."

      You have absolutely nothing to lose by reading "QUITTERS CAN BE WINNERS" except maybe a bad smoking addiction.  It may just be the information needed to help you or a loved one break the smoking addiction.

Disclaimer:  "QUITTERS CAN BE WINNERS" is shared with you in the spirit of good will and in the sincere hope that my life experience can be helpful in your effort to stop the nicotine addiction.  I am not a health professional and while the information contained on my website worked for me it is considered, by the medical profession, as "anecdotal" (not scientific proof).  Therefore it should not take the place of the advice of your medical professional.



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