Hello, I am Vic Johnson, the author of "QUITTERS CAN BE WINNERS".

I, with the grace of God and the love and patience of a fine wife, just turned 74 years of age. My bride, of 54 years, and I live, in sunny southern Maryland, in the home in which I was raised. We purchased it from my parents over twenty five years ago. We have been blessed with one fine daughter, a great son-in-law and a fantastic granddaughter.

For years I wrestled with the idea of writing this report. But after seeing
so many young people getting hooked on the cigarette smoking addiction
I felt I had to, at the very least, share my experience. Since I lived it,
I feel that I have a pretty good handle on the subject.

I have no great expectations of convincing these new smokers to quit.
But the true information about how much damage cigarette smoking does
to the human body is just not getting out there.

Hopefully, my report, with its descriptions of some of the consequences
of smoking, will be instrumental in helping a few people break the smoking addiction.

Below is a picture of my friend Pete Neimeier and I. ( I am the young
fellow with gray hair.) Pete was the owner/driver of the #22 Super Minicup. 

This picture was taken several years ago at the annual racecar show held at Manassas Mall in Manassas, Virginia.

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After reading my story if you still do not have enough information about How to Quit Smoking go to www.WhyQuit.com.  They, in my opinion,  have all the answers to any questions concerning breaking the smoking addiction.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001
Copyright (c), Vic Johnson, All rights reserved

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